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Garage door - Over 20 years of experience

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Aluminum and PVC joinery – Over 20 years of experience

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Automatic slide door - Over 20 years of experience

More than 20 year with you!

Manufacture of Aluminum and PVC joinery, automatic slide door, automatic revolving door, blinds and nets, garage door, solar veranda and production of all kind of steel constructions. Show us your confidence.

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Thermal – isolation aluminum windows and doors

A system of thermal – isolation aluminum Windows and doors is mostly used for buildings, both administrative and public ones. Easy, safe and rational space usage. Sealing is done by profiles of APTC material and canal sealing system (extraordinary air tightness and waterproofing of construction are secured). The drain of atmospheric water is possible with special canals.

Installation of different fillings is provided thanks to additional aluminum and APTC profiles. Hardware and tools are done by high-quality stainless material (easy and soundless functioning). The constructive depth of the profile provides installation of profiles up to 6m2. Wide possibility of profiles gives to projectors a variety of combinations to solve all the requests while projecting.