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Aluminum and PVC joinery, automatic slide door, automatic revolving door, blinds and nets, garage door, solar veranda and production of all kind of steel constructions.


Aluminum joinery

Aluminum alloys used in the manufacture of aluminum windows are characterized by low weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, which allow the performance of lightweight and resistant structures, and large areas of glazing. As aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, in the profiles used to manufacture aluminum windows are inserted reinforced plastic strips that separate the aluminum chamber and thereby reduce the passage of heat through the profile.

Aluminum profiles can be painted in various colors by electrostatic painting process or procedure of anodizing.

Using aluminum in making aluminum windows, you get the quality products, which resist all weather conditions, and they are resistant to temperature changes, the impact of UV radiation and moisture. With minimal maintenance in the form of periodic erasure in order to maintain the shiny surface, it can last over 40 years.

PVC joinery

PVC profiles which make PVC windows have a number of desirable characteristics in terms of energy savings. PVC is an excellent thermal insulator; PVC also has excellent characteristics in terms of sound insulation. PVC is highly resistant to salt or polluted environment, but is sensitive to high temperature (coefficient of expansion is two to three times greater than aluminum) and UV radiation as well.

PVC is usually made ​​in white color, due to the lowest absorption of heat, but also exists in other colors and wood decor variations.  The great advantage of PVC in comparison to most other products is its lower purchase price and reducing heating costs during operation.

PVC has a long lifetime; the average optimal service life is about 25 years, which is highly dependent on the composition of PVC, so it can be longer with a better quality material.


Automatic slide and revolving door

Sliding doors save space, they are stylish and modern. They are placed at the entrance to a building or as interior doors. They are used in different kinds of buildings. It may be of various sizes and made ​​of various materials. They can be opened using a radar sensor, button or remote control.

With the addition of the reader and the controller, they may be part of the access control system, interlocking systems, fire protection systems, evacuation systems, surveillance and other systems. In our offer there are mechanisms to move the door to allow opening and closing of doors of different sizes and weights.

Objects with a large number of visitors require solutions that ensure that the inputs are safe, secure and easy to use; the best solution is the automatic revolving door.

Blinds and nets

Aluminum and PVC blinds are extremely durable and resistant to the influence of the sun. In addition to protection from light, they provide good heat and sound insulation. They can be installed during the installation of windows or later.

Aluminum rolling and fixed screens are protection from insects; they can be integrated with windows and shutters or already existing windows. We make them in all colors of the RAL card. In addition to mosquito nets, we do fixed mosquito nets and mosquito nets to the door hinged on the outside.


Garage door

Aluminum thermal – insulated rolling garage doors are made of slats, width 55 or 77mm. The thickness of the profiled aluminum is 1 mm, and the thickness of the lamellae is 23 mm.
Polyurethane sandwich fillings provide good thermal insulation.

Rolling shutters are guided by the so-called aluminum rails that have embedded rubber parts. The underside of the rear fins incorporates seal rubber across the full width door, which adheres to the vacuum surface and prevents the penetration of dust and air.

Standard colors are black and white and can be painted in a color of your choice. They are of high technological development, they do not break on the sun, rain, snow, they last as we confirm and guarantee.

Terrace glazing

Glazing protects from wind, rain, noise, dust and cold. High quality, easy installation, easy maintenance and long usage. It is done from ALU or PVC material, upon request. Glazing can be done so that the terrace, during the summer or if necessary, can be almost completely open. Depending on the requirements, the structure may be of the sliding or folding system.

Sliding windows, folding doors, and also classical systems are available with windows that open on hinges to the left, right or upper opening. Glazing of loggias is performed on the same way as the glazing of balconies.
Balconies can be done without opening parts, wings, or only partially opening for ventilation and cleaning external surfaces, which of course quite reduces cost of manufacture.


Metal structures

On behalf of many years of experience in the field of manufacturing of metal structures, given the growing need for such type of construction and recognizing the mutual interest, we can offer a wide range of products: metal structures for buildings of different purposes and areas, storage facilities for agricultural machinery, metal structures for greenhouses, various types of stables, shelters for the car, the roof steel structure, containers of various types, metal fences, etc..